Is 3D Modeling a Good Career?

3D modeling is one of the most exciting careers that you can ever have! It opens up to the modeler a whole new world. With 3D modeling, you use computer software to generate 3-dimensional models of nearly anything that you can imagine.

With 3D modeling, you lay claim to being a creator, bringing your ideas to life, transferring your 1-dimensional dreams into 3-dimensional reality. 

3D modeling is used in many industries today, and some of your favorite things were produced using 3D modeling. 

Is 3D modeling a good career? Yes! There is an incredible demand for 3D artists today, so it isn’t difficult to find a good job in the field. However, before you choose to start on this career path, there are important things to know. In this post, we will consider the different careers in 3D modeling and the best way to become a master in this career. 

Careers in 3D modeling 

As we have said earlier, 3D modeling is the development of 3-dimensional models or visuals of characters, people, places, and objects. There are many advantages to 3D modeling. For one, it helps people understand a product or service more clearly. 

3D modeling is a huge world and encompasses a wide range of uses. It is used in movies, video games, architecture, engineering, marketing, and in almost any field that you can think of.

There are several software available for 3D modeling depending on what career path you decide to walk on. In this section, we will consider some of the best fields to specialize in as a 3D modeler. 

1. Video Game 

Most of the video games that you enjoy are the result of 3D modeling. From Skyrim to GTA to The Witcher and FIFA, video game developers employ 3D modeling software to create the characters, buildings, and creatures that populate these worlds. 

3D modeling has changed the world of game development and with these improvements in engines and processors, will continue to improve the gaming industry. 

2. Manufacture and Production 

Product designers are avid users of 3D modeling software. Manufacturing and production companies allocate money to the development of products. With 3D modeling, these products are assembled and modeled.

The software helps the maker create the product before actual production begins. 3D models provide renders and prototypes that can help the team have the correct perspective. 

3. Architecture 

If you are thinking of pursuing a career in 3D modeling, chances are high that you were introduced to the career by architectural models. This specialization is the most common application of 3D modeling. With 3D modeling software, architects can create prototype models of structure.

These software are not only used by architects, but are also used by civil engineers for planning, design, and execution of their projects. With these software, these professionals can create models that are exactly like the proposed project and will assist them in finalizing the project. 

4. Animation 

Animation in 3D modeling is the process in which the models created are imbued with motion. They appear as moving images and can be excellent tools for advertising and marketing. 

5. Movies 

Movies are another important field where 3D modeling comes in very handy. Animated movies and live-action movies are more graphic-intensive than ever before, and 3D modeling makes it easier to add characters, structures, and other objects at minimal costs. 

6. Medical Modeling 

Aside from games, movies, and architecture, 3D modeling has also proven useful in the medical world. With 3D modeling, a technician can generate a model of a problem area of the patient and can be the difference between life and death during surgical operations. With this technology, patients receive the best care. 

Even before surgery, 3D modeling comes in useful in showing students and professionals a better look at the organs, bones, and systems of the body. 

These are the main applications of 3D modeling, but this list is by no means exhaustive. 3D modeling is a vast field with plenty of applications. The future looks even brighter for this career. 

Salary of a 3D Modeler 

Passion is great, but it won’t pay the bills. Is 3D modeling lucrative enough to be a full-time career? Yes!  

It is a highly lucrative career. However, your experience and skill will determine how much you will make. 

All these factors considered the average salary for the 3D modeler ranges from $47,000 to $117,000 per year. 

Career Path of the 3D modeler 

The career path in 3D modeling is dependent on your experience and knowledge. If you are just ‘fresh out of the oven’, so to speak, and are seeking to work in a company, you will be assigned as an intern or trainee in the company. If you prove yourself, you can then be given a permanent position with a better salary. 

For many, the safest route to making a safe career in 3D modeling is to find a job in a reputable firm. In most cases, the bigger and more reputable the firm, the larger your pay and other compensations for your job.  

Tips for Making a Career in 3D Modeling 

1. Learn the Formal Concepts & Techniques 

Just like almost every other career in art, there is no straight line that will make the beginner a master. 3D modelers either fall into either of these two groups: the self-employed freelancer or the hired employee at a design firm. 

If you are thinking of being a freelancer, you are certainly not alone. According to a report from the Bureau of Statistics, more than half (57%) of 3D modelers in the country are self-employed freelancers. Whether you decide to go solo or work at a firm, though, your tasks would be very identical. 

Although the art world is somewhat different from most careers, it is still vital that you have advanced education. For instance, if you wish to work in a scientific laboratory, your chances of getting a job are increased if you have a degree that combines 3D modeling with physics. If you are drawn to animation, then you should consider having a degree that combines some filmmaking with 3D modeling. 

To be successful, you must also have the ability to utilize different skills and knowledge of the industry you decide to specialize in. As a 3D modeler, you will certainly work with others in teams. It is also essential that the 3D modeler understands the core industry concepts. 

Another thing that the 3D modeler must have is a total understanding of some software. Software gets updated, so it is important that you keep up to date with the latest software and stay top of your game. You must master texturing because creating a 3D model without any texturing will result in a bland object. 

2. Have a strong network & portfolio 

Most of the 3D modeling jobs are a combination of the latest software and creative ideas. Although competitive, it surely remains a good career for anyone that chooses it. As with many other creative jobs, there aren’t many career levels or hierarchies in 3D modeling. The path of the modeler is often based on the experience and knowledge acquired. 

3D modeling is a rewarding but challenging career. Therefore, you must put in the work to become a master at it. It becomes even more difficult if you are a freelancer. 

However, you can make a success of it. You should focus on building a network of professional relationships right from school. If you aren’t attending a conventional school, you can still network with others by attending industry events. 

It also pays to have some knowledge of web design (or know someone who does). You must have a portfolio where you can showcase all the work that you have done. Create a website or hire someone who can so that you can show it to any prospective employer or client. 

3. Practice 

No matter the number of years that you spend 3D modeling, you must continue to update yourself and get better. And a sure way to get better is by practicing. Practice constantly. And save your work (this is where the portfolio comes in). With constant practice, you will differentiate yourself from the others in this competitive career. 

Job Outlook for 3D Modelling 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job market for 3D modeling is expected to grow by 8% in the next ten years. While the earnings might vary and be hard to predict due to the number of new people in the field and the competition that will result, it is still projected to be a lucrative field. 


So, is 3D modeling a goof career? Yes, it is! 

The growth of this industry and the effect it has on a plethora of other industries means that plenty of jobs are created – with lucrative rewards. It is a technology that looks strong and steady for years to come.

However, mastering it is no joke. You must be ready to put in the work. If you can do the hard work and keep up to date with the latest software and technology, you can build a strong, lucrative career in 3D modeling.