Is Animator a Good Career?

There are many lucrative careers available to people today, and one of the most lucrative and sought-after is a career in animation. Those that have chosen it as a path have often come back with smiles on their faces, reporting on the attractive salary and freedom that it offers.

Well, in this post, we will consider the veracity of this claim. We will consider whether it is still a good career choice, the opportunities that it offers, and other important considerations. 

A Brief Overview of Animation 

Everything has a beginning, and animation is certainly no exception. Considering whether this career choice is a good one, it is important to know its history. I know that not everyone is enamored with history (except history professors and teachers), so we will not bore you with all the details about the history of animation. We will keep it short and concise. 

Animation first made its appearance, so to speak, in the 1800s. The flip book was a way to bring drawings and characters to life. However, it was all about moving images and nothing about the sound. The very first animated film was made in 1928 in Steamboat Willie. This cartoon by Walt Disney certainly revolutionized the scene. 

After that, another film, Flowers and Trees, was released by Walt Disney. This film stood out because it was the first one with color. 

In 1937, Walt Disney, once again, released Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. This film holds the distinction of being the first full-length animated film. It opened to critical and commercial acclaim. Right from the start, Walt Disney has taken the lead in creating animated movies. 

Later, Pixar became the first company to produce a full-length animated film on a computer. Realizing the benefits of a partnership, Pixar and Disney collaborated to make several movies. And in 2010, Pixar released Toy Story 3 which went on to make over 1 billion dollars worldwide! 

What does an animator do? 

We have considered the history of animation. However, you should know that animation isn’t limited to only cartoons. Animators play important roles behind the scenes of several other projects, ranging from animated films to action movies, websites, video games, mobile applications, and advertisements. 

This career is one that spans several industries and is one of the most successful and lucrative careers. 

What is the role of an animator? 

Well, the animator is also known as the motion graphics specialist or multimedia artists. Their work is to make visual images, animation, and special effects by using computers and other tools. 

Animators are very important across different industries. Watch your favorite movie or play your favorite game and wait for the credits at the end. You will find that animators are integral players in creating TV shows, movies, and games. 

There are several careers in animation, and in the next section, we will consider what some of these careers are. 

Careers in Animation 

Animation, in simple terms, is the giving of life to a character or object. It is a combination of the technology and entertainment industry and is responsible for the drawing, presentation, and production of animated clips. There are several careers in animation, but here are a few of them: 

  • Animation Technical Director

This position is the highest position an animator can have on any productions set. As the name implies, it involves the directing of movies and making graphics. 

  • Graphic Artist 

This is another important career in animation. Here, you will be in charge of creating the designs and different aspects of a character. You will make cartoons and look at ways to boost the attractiveness of movies and advertisements. 

  • Video Game Designer 

Recall that animators do not only work in the movie industry. They are also found in the gaming industry. Well, the video game designer is one that creates characters and makes them act the way they do. It might involve the writing of code for controlling the characters. 

  • Art Director 

The job of the art director is to coordinate a set and ensure that all things take place by arrangement. They are usually found on the set of movies and advertisements. They will supervise animation, commercials, lighting, and so on. 

  • Cartoon Animator 

This career path involves the injection of life into characters. 

  • 3D Artist 

This is one of the largest sub-sets in the animator career. The 3D artist works in a wide range of industries. They use 3D software to create designs and characters. A 3D artist works in various industries ranging from medicine to architecture, engineering, and so on.  

Why Choosing Animation is a Good Choice 

There are plenty of articles on the market that aim to answer if animation is a career that is worth your while. A majority of those that we found is somewhat pessimistic. 

While animation is a very competitive field and does require plenty of dedication and work, it is an excellent career that you will certainly enjoy getting into. Here are some of the best reasons why we believe animation to be an excellent career. 

1. Interesting Research 

Animation requires plenty of research. For most projects, the animators are challenged with animating something that they know nothing about.  

If a project requires animating a crocodile, for example, how do you bring it to life in a believable way? You have to delve into the material and make loads of research so that you can come up with something that your audience would enjoy. 

Google is very helpful in this regard. You will find enough information about the material. Taking the croc, for example, you will find out the anatomy, body language, and other things that are required for animation. While trying to animate crocodiles, you will become an expert at crocodiles. 

While animation is the goal, the research certainly will pay off, and if nothing, can help you start conversations. 

2. Continued Learning 

Another reason why animation is awesome is that you are always learning. The research part of animation comes with plenty of variation, and you will also learn more about animation. If you decide to work in a small studio where you have to know more than one aspect of animation, you will find that this will help to increase your skills. 

3. It is exciting 

Nothing beats a career that gets you excited – really excited. 

From storyboarding to character design until you are finishing up the textures on characters, everything about animation is exciting. You get to give life to inanimate characters and make them real. 

Animation gives a level of satisfaction that isn’t found in many other careers out there. You take an active part in the creation and your creation takes shape and life before your very eyes. 

4. Show Off 

A finished animation shows the standard of your work. Animation catches the attention of people and is one way of putting yourself and your work before millions of people. The temptation to show off your beautiful work to the world is a wonderful pull. 

There is also a community of animators all over the world that are ready to share and analyze your work. 

5. Work with the latest technology 

As with some of the best professions out there, animation challenges your creativity and ability to imagine things. It is a constantly evolving career as well since the technology used in creation continues to evolve. 

With animation, you have the opportunity to work with the latest, most exciting technology – in a harmless, exciting, and creative way. 

Benefits of Animation Career 

  • This is a large field rife with opportunities. It is a global industry and continues to grow 
  • The animation career is a lucrative one 
  • You have the opportunity to show the world your creativity 
  • You will get an excellent challenge 
  • It makes you improve all the time. The  

Disadvantages of Animation Career

  • Becoming, and staying an animator requires lots of sacrifices, especially in terms of time.
  • It can get repetitive over time.  

Technical Skills Required in Animation 

Before choosing a career in animation, you have to ensure that you are a good fit. You will require natural and technical skills. You will require practical and software skills to win in this career. 

At the moment, it is important to have skills in 3D animation. You must also become skilled at using software like Maya and 3DS Max. 

Salaries of Animation Career 

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals that the median yearly salary for an animator is $75,270. This salary rises even higher depending on your skill and experience at the job. Hence, it is a very lucrative career. 


As you have probably seen by now, we believe that animation is an excellent career. It is a career that is projected to grow even more in the future. There are several aspects you can specialize in as well.

As the demand for animation grows, the demand for high-quality work also continues to rise. Job the growing ranks of people moving into this exciting, lucrative, and ever-evolving career.